VAST- Letter to the world


Date: April 05, 2010


To:    …….


Dear Sir/Madam,


On behalf of the Vietnamese American Science & Technology Society (VAST), a non-profit organization founded in the USA 20 years ago, for the sake of the people of Viet Nam who are living under the authoritarian Communist regime, we would like to respectfully and earnestly request your strong support of the following issue.

We, as Vietnamese scientists and technologists who are living outside of Viet Nam, would like to make an appeal to the world and your organization to help us by using your authority to exercise your international prestige and power for pressuring the Vietnamese communist regime to reconsider the decision regarding the agreement to offer the communist Chinese the right to exploit bauxite in Vietnam.

This huge project has caused strong opposition from the Vietnamese people due to the fact that the deal was irregular and not transparent. The Vietnamese people suspect that there must have been certain conspiracy behind this so-called exploitation of natural resources project.


The Vietnamese people would eventually bear the worst consequences due to the following facts:


 1. The Vietnamese government is irresponsible, arbitrary, and hasty,

 2. The inadequate knowledge in technology of the Chinese in the field of bauxite exploitation could not warrant a successful return,

 3. This project will lead to disastrous environmental consequences affecting millions of people living in the area for about forty to fifty years,

 4. The Chinese people involved in this project ignore the local Vietnamese authorities and behave as if they are occupants of the territory,

 5. The project can be considered as part of a scheme of the Chinese hegemony, therefore, the whole world should be alert about the danger of the Chinese's ambition and aggressiveness.


In summary, with all our concerns and the above mentioned reasons, we honestly believe in your understanding and seek for your assistance, within the scope of your authority, to exercise your power and your influence to avert the implementation of this project.







Nguyen Ba Loc, MS                             Mai Thanh Truyet, Ph.D

President, VAST                                   Chaiman, VAST