Ngàn NămThăng Long

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Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 12:55 PM



Kinh gui Ong Chu Nhiem Van hoa Nhan ban Lac Viet:


Xin chuyen den ong may dong cam nghi sau day (nhan duoc tu tac gia Do Quyen), nhan dip NBLV thuc hien nhung YouTube phan ung lai viec to chuc dai le "Ngan Nam Thang long"

Xin thanh thuc cam on Ông.

Trân trong,



This is a wonderful work from Dr. Mai that I have admired. Dr. Mai has spent, without compensation, valuable time to make people aware of the truth and reality underneath the so-called event "One Thousand Year Anniversary of Thang Long."


It is interesting to see, read and listen to the Youtube  "One thousand Year Anniversary under Dirty Drinking Water" he has created in response to the Communist party's above-mentioned event. The funny thing is that the Communist government always shows its effort to build a beautiful image of Vietnam under communist regime. They have tried in different ways  to make known to the world. This process of showing off has been applied everywhere to make "innocent people" believe that in Vietnam, everything is peaceful, beautiful, special and clean.


This kind of shallow behaviour has been uncovered by Dr. Mai Thanh Truyet, a well known political activist in the Vietnamese community in California, Giving evidence to the statements made, Dr. Mai has condemned the Vietnamese Communist Party for their ridiculous title indicating a shallow attitude and action when trying to organize this upcoming event in October 2010.


Its purpose is just to show the world that "Vietnam today" is a country with a "wonderful land and culture consisting of many positive aspects socially, culturally, historically and even economically. They have tried to impress people and "seduce" them to visit Vietnam.


Ironically, the truth is that human rights have been abused, freedom of speech has been prevented, and citizens have no choice for a healthy life.

Unfortunately, these things are unreal and Dr. Mai feels the need to clarify the truth underneath that useless- but -expensively cost- event that the Vietnamese communist party has promoted.


This ridiculous behaviour can only happen in Vietnam today, under the communist regime.


Do Quyen, Canada .